The first film about Joseph Bologne was made in France in 2003.  That is fitting because Joseph was French and lived most of his life in France.  The film was titled, “Le Mozart Noir,” which translates as “The Mozart Black.”  

The film drama uncloaks the mystery of Joseph Boulogne Le Chevalier de Saint Georges, a black musician from the 18th century whose work has fallen into neglect due to the prejudices of history.

Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges overcame class and race prejudices in 18th century France to become a musical genius who would inspire Mozart.

Joseph got his title–Le Chevalier de Saint Georges–because his father was a French aristocrat.  This helped Joseph in French society, until the French Revolution made it a virtual crime to be a member of the aristocracy.  Joseph was imprisoned and was scheduled to be executed by the guillotine, but his former military service  during the revolution saved him.