Black Mozart Picture

Black Mozart was the nickname given to Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who was a classical composer who lived in the time of Mozart. Mozart even borrowed one of Joseph’s melodies!  

Joseph Balogne with violin

The Joseph Bologne Quartet Project was inspired by the life and talent of Joseph Bologne.   Joseph Bologne was a violin virtuoso, a classical composer, a conductor, a soldier during the French revolution, and he was also the greatest swordsman in France!  There is currently a movie being made about Joseph’s life.  The movie is titled, “Black Mozart.”

Wesley Wells, founding member of the non-profit project, was inspired to create the Joseph Bologne Quartet when he learned about the amazing life and talents of Joseph Bologne.  Wesley felt a personal identification with Joseph, because, like Joseph, Wesley is also a violinist and an athlete.  Wesley is an all-star baseball player, not a fencer, however, another member of the Joseph Bologne Quartet, Kai Lindsey, is a fencer!

Joseph Bologne is one of the Composers of Color whose life is described and whose music is played during the Black Mozart program.

The Joseph Bologne Quartet plays one of Joseph’s beautiful String Quartets, which appears on their Black Mozart CD and DVD.  100 percent of the money from the sale of our CDs and DVDs is donated to buy instruments for children who cannot afford to own their own instruments.